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Thom’s Story

Thom shares his personal connection to myelofibrosis and why he's passionate about helping others chart their course through Mapping Myelofibrosis.

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Thom Filicia, Interior & Product Designer and TV Personality

“You may know me by my role as an interior designer on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, but you may be surprised to know I fulfilled a much different role a decade ago.”  

“At that time, my brother was diagnosed with myelofibrosis, which is a blood cancer.”

“When he was diagnosed, there were many questions, few treatment options and hard-to-understand resources to sift through.”

“As my brother and his immediate family charted the course for his care, we were told that a bone marrow transplant was necessary. Fortunately, I was a match to be his donor.”

“Since his diagnosis, there have been exciting innovations in treatment, but a need remains for more resources for those experiencing symptoms without a clear diagnosis, and for those living with the disease.”

“Through this experience, we’ve recognized the importance of being able to chart one’s own path - whether you have been diagnosed, or you know someone who has been impacted.”

“I've joined GSK and the Mapping Myelofibrosis initiative to increase awareness of this blood cancer. This initiative aims to connect the community with educational information and stories to help navigate all aspects of the disease.”

“I know firsthand how important it is to have the discussions with your doctor and access to resources in order to help make important decisions around your care. This may lead to better and more hopeful outcomes.”

“Explore MappingMF.com to find resources and learn more about myelofibrosis.”

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